February 12, 2007

Welcome Daniel Justice Herring

We have another fish in the family! My sister in law had her baby last Wednesday, she was 3 weeks early but it was God's perfect timing. I was in Atlanta shooting for Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies, and I got back to my car at 10 am to get a message from Cloey dated 9:30am. She told me to get there as soon as possible, she was dilated to 9 1/2. Now, my beautiful sister has babies fast. I missed her last child being born in the same scenario...I was shooting in Atlanta, I got the call, left immediately, and by the time I made it to the hospital, Samuel was already here. I didn't want that to happen again...

Henry County Hospital has a brand new women's center. ( I missed it by a month ) with birthing rooms where everything that is needed is all there. The baby never needs to be taken away from the mother. It's very cool. After the baby is born, they only need to take him about 10 feet away to do all the necessary tests. That is very unlike the two c-sections I have had, so I found it all very amazing.

I arrived at the hospital to find Cloey walking through her contractions. She wanted to give me a tour of the maternity floors so off we went. It felt new and quiet. We walked until she felt like she was ready to go back to her room, where she took a shower, brushed her teeth, and had a baby. No kidding. They called the Dr. when she said she was feeling a lot of pressure, it seemed like he took a really long time getting there and when he did, she said, "OK, let's break your water and have a baby." Well as soon as they got her where she needed to be, the Dr. said that she might not even need to push because that baby was coming out. ( we didn't know the sex, it was going to be a surprise ) Her husband, Paul, was asked if he wanted to deliver the baby, since it seemed to be happening really fast, and he barely had time to get a gown on before the baby began to come out. I'm serious, it was so amazing. I don't think she really pushed more than once!

She didn't have any drugs either!

Daniel Justice Herring was born at 1:55 pm on February 7, 2007. He is so beautiful. I am so proud of you, Cloey. Daniel remains in the hospital after one week, with glucose levels that are a little low. He was 3 weeks early and his liver is still getting up to capacity to release glucose on it's own. We are praying that today will be the day that he comes home. Thank God for the technology to discover things like that in newborns. They took his entire umbilical cord off, and fed him glucose through his navel. Please add them to your prayers, God is still in charge.

Congratulations Paul and Cloey! I love you.

Here's your slideshow.


Julie said...

Oh my goodness... it doesn't do for a pregnant woman to watch that. I can't wait to see my little Julianna now. (sniff, sniff) Cloey did so good! CONGRATS Cloey & Paul and to all the little Herrings at home!

Six Simms Singing said...

I love you all so much! Praying for a move of God and that His kingdom would come and His will would be done. He's so beautiful! So beautiful! Such a blessing!

We are praying continuously!

Lori & Virgil

Anna Joy Photography said...

wow, that slideshow! you captured things that I havent really seen a photographer do at a birth...footprints, washing, etc. nice work!

Daniel J. Watkins said...

Amazing work Shawna! Thanks for posting that on Fong's blog...we need all the help we can get. :)