October 09, 2007

Patricia and Keith Brown

They met in high school. More than 10 years ago. I just love that. There is something so....what's the word?....faithful. true. lasting. like a dream that you just can't forget.... about high school sweethearts. It was a pleasure to be asked to shoot this wedding as I have known Patricia for almost 15 years. It was a beatufiul Ceremony at the Rialto Square Theatre, which I have to say, gives the Fox Theatre here in Atlanta a run for it's money. I know it sounds strange, but one of the funnest things for me was riding the shuttle bus with Patricia from the Hotel to the Rialto. If you know anything about me and my photography, I love to shoot something "new". A bus ride with a bride in a big dress was something new.

Here are a few of my favorites.

The Groom. Keith has his grandfather stand in as his best man. I thought that was so honoring toward him.

I believe this is the groom and his father and grandfather. What a cool family shot. On stage at the Rialto.

Congratualtions Patricia and Keith!



Anonymous said...

The quality of your work and the pictures are priceless. It was great because we hardly knew you were taking pictures, your like magic:) Thank you for suggesting we see each other before hand...that was the best advice! I have never had so many compliments; I have to share a few...

"Those pictures are beautiful"

"fabulous photographer, beautiful slideshow"

"amazing pictures, they brought tears to my eyes"

" WOW, you think she'll shoot for us in the Bahamas"

"Where did you find someone to do such work"?

"the photographer had you two looking as if you belonged in a magazine"

" there is so much emotion captured in those pictures, I felt like I was there"

" your photographer did an outstanding job"

what more can we say Shawna.... THANKS for completing our day.

Shawna Herring Photography said...

You are so welcome, Trish! Thanks for sharing the comments and tell your friend that's going to the Bahamas that "I have passport and will travel." In fact, if they book me, I'll give you each a $150 print credit towards your event.