October 10, 2007


I am very excited that I placed with this photo. It may be 19th out of 20, but I placed! I need to place in the top 10 in order to be accepted into this artistic guild sister of wpja.com and I know I'll get there! www.AGWPJA.com. I understand the judges comments, it was about 10 degrees and we were all freezing. I'm so proud of Ashley and Cade for participating at all in those kinds of conditions.

19th Place: Shawna Herring - Georgia, USA
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Getting Ready Ceremony Reception Portrait

Judge's Comments: 1. Way cool location! Aside from the location though, this image lacks a strong pose by the couple. I'd like to see more of the ice, almost to the point of losing the couple in the scene, think "where's Waldo."
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Sissy said...

Congratulations!! I love that picture!!!

Six Simms Singing said...


You always do great and are the world's number 1 photographer to me anyway. But still! It's nice to see that kind of accomplishment amongst the pros! :D Yay, Shawna!

I think their thing about seeing more ice would be pretty cool, too. Hmmm...maybe next time you're in Utah! :D

A. Fillmore Thalman said...

well look at us!
Congrats again.