October 03, 2007


Not really, but I bet I'm not the first to see the resemblance.

This is Fiona and John. We shot their engagements last week and I was so excited that they were going to take me someplace new. They are as unique as their location choice so I was able to be a bit more creative in the editing process. (I'm loving working with textures! ) We met at their home to snap a few shots with their very hyper Labrador "Flint". ( my pockets were full of dog treats, which helped) and then we went to CabbageTown. What a cool place! There was a tunnel that was totally covered in grafitti and we took our chances and ventured in. We dodged a few cars and managed to get some great shots. We then headed towards Oakland Cemetery with a stop at the Cotton Mill, which has since been converted into condo's. I must say it was my first engagement shoot in a cemetery and I really like the results. It is a beautiful Historical Site with a rich history and Fiona and John were very much at ease.

Check back in a few weeks for photos from the wedding. Thanks Fiona and John, I'm looking forward to your big day!


fiona said...

If only we looked that good in real life... you are amazing! I can't wait to see your magic in our wedding photos.

John said...

Bangers, each and every one. The Krog Street tunnel shots are amazing.

Anonymous said...

These are incredible! We can't wait to see the wedding photos as well.

Love - The Askins

Anonymous said...

Love the engagement shots! And Fiona, you do look that good in Real life! Had a great time at the wedding and cannot wait to see the photos.