October 25, 2007


That's the way I would sum up this wedding. I'm serious. April was the happiest, most relaxed bride I have ever worked with. I laughed the entire day because of her crazy, spontaneous personality. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous but she has a peace with who she is and it eliminates the need to worry about what people think. That's a rare quality and it was refreshing to be around her.

I love this shot of the flower girl. I can almost hear that little voice saying " What about me? do you like my dress?"
April and Harold have 2 children. They are so sweet. Kirsten was in awe of her mom's dress. It was a real princess dress and I think she wanted to hide underneath it like in the Nutcracker.
And the shoes! Just like Cinderalla! (21st Century Cinderalla )

April was very expressive and easy to photography because she just had so much fun. If I ever do a seminar for photographers, I'm going to use her as one of my models. She was hilarious.
Her heels got stuck in the grass and she just laughed about it. They were married at the Georgian Club which has a beautiful pond type fountain and she was all for getting in the water in her wedding dress after the ceremony. We were both looking forward to it but due to the serious drought we are in, the city had turned it off. It was bone dry. We can still do it April, just say when!

Even the horses were laughing that day.
It was a total Cinderella Carriage. Just like I remember from the original disney movie. Even looks like it was made from a pumpkin. It took a little longer than expected to bring April and her Father to the aisle which meant that the children had a fair amount of waiting to do while standing up at the alter.
What made it so sweet was that they had the freedom to just be kids. There were 4 standing at the front and no one was freaking out at the fact that they weren't standing in their "spot" The Groom, the Officiant and all of the groomsmen and guests, just smiled and enjoyed the entertainment of kids being kids. This is 2 year old Andrew wanting his daddy to hold him.
The basket was full of autum leaves and they were quite the attraction to throw on the ground and gather up again. Of course there comes a time when a struggle for who gets to hold the basket is sure to break out...and it did. I can't tell you how endearing the entire scene was but I'm sure it had something to do with the fact that everyone was so at ease with the entire flow of events.

What an awesome moment as Harold and his 2 children see April as she begins to walk down the aisle.

Kirsten never took her eyes off of her mom.

It was so obvious that Harold and April are really in love. I know what you're thinking too..."Well everyone is in love on their wedding day" and although that may be true, there are different degrees to which an observer can see it. They radiated it.
April loves to dance and she is very entertaining when she does. I'm pretty sure it was the first time that the entire staff of the club were coaxed onto the dance floor. She just wouldn't stand for anyone not having fun.

I had so much fun. Thank you April and Harold for trusting me with you day.



Anonymous said...

I love the beautiful pictures. They are amazing for an amazing girl. She exudes happiness and it is clear to see it in the pictures that you captured. I cannot wait to see more. (Love the shoes!!)

Mandy Bentley

Anonymous said...

Wow! These are really great!! April is such a beautiful person inside and out. You did an awesome job capturing this beautiful day.

Angela Dutton