October 22, 2007


I must have blinked!! It seems like only a few months ago that my daughter Zoe was born but apparently it's been a whole year! She is the sweetest thing around these days and she brings so much joy to our home. She is happy from the moment she wakes up until she goes to sleep at night. She is about to take her first steps...I'm hoping that she will wait until her Nana gets here next week. ( My mom is coming to visit. YAY!)

I am not the best at planning things and I kept going back and forth about should I have a big party for her? what should I do and where? When I lived in Hawaii, the first birthday party was the biggest. It was always at the beach with plenty of yummy food and the parents had the most fun. 'Cause you know, when your a year old, you don't have a clue that it's your birthday. So, when Sunday morning came around, I still hadn't sent invitations to anyone to the mystery party so I figured by then it was too late. ( procrastination?) I don't know why I function so much better on the fly. If I have to be organized, it stresses me out. That's one of the reasons I married my husband. He's over the top on organization which is really good for me, even if his super organization skills are irritating at times.

anyway, back to our little pumpkin.

We invited a few friends and Uncle Paul with all their kids and went to Ci Ci's Pizza along with a fat cake with whipped cream frosting. Zoe took a little while to trust that yellow spongy looking stuff with sticky pick goo on top but once she got past the feel of it it was all over. Good bye cake!

After we were all stuffed with pizza and cake, we thought it would be fun to go bounce it all up so we went to kangaroo kid. It was really for the bigger kids but Zoe loved it too. She was a little unsure of the yellow ball pit but loved hanging out in the middle of all the activity.

Thanks, Julie for taking this one.



happy birthday ZOE!!!

Anonymous said...

HAppy Birthday Zoe....sound like you guys had a blast after all....tooo much fun for a little one truning 1. Just wait until you really have to plan a party!