October 26, 2007

I'm moving right along!

Last week we shot a wedding in Leesburg, GA. That's almost 3 hours south of here and it was my very first experience with Georgia Gnats. I have a new level of tolerance for the few fruit flies in my kitchen that I can't seem to kill. (I think it has something to do with the constant supply of bananas that we have for Zoe and the unique places that she seems to stash little bits of them.) They are NUTHIN compared to the bazillion gnats that swarm around the skies of Southern GA. I lost track of how many I ate after about 5. It's kinda funny now that it's over but at the time, it was really irritating. Not to mention that the day before I had a skin cancer thing carved out of my face and what remained were invisible stiches and a thin film of neosporin that seems to attract gnats from a distance. So between snorting and blowing like a horse all day long and constantly waving things in front of my face while trying not to wince too much because it hurt....I managed to get some fantastic shots at Fiona and John's wedding. The location was an old farm in the middle of nowhere. Here are a few shots of ON-THE-WAY to the wedding.

Julie read the sign on the store as we drove by and I had to turn around and grab a shot. Say it fast. ( the small print ) Clever, huh?

My first photos of a cotton field. It's exciting to see it for the first time!

I love to see trees covered in this moss. When I lived in Hawaii, you could find in on the Big Island of Hawaii and they called it Pele's Hair. ( ancient tradition said she was the volcano goddess) well I was shocked the first time I went to Savannah and saw it all over the place. Small world. There is something really romantic about huge tress covered in the stuff. I don't know why that is...does anyone else think so?

Check back in a few days for details of their wedding.




hawaii is in your soul! the world can feel like it's shrinking when little wonders of one place start popping up in another....
nice pics, fun to check each other out.


do you check your old comments?
thanks for all the compliments and encouragement! blogging could not be more fun!

Shawna Herring Photography said...

It sure is!! Love you, Ashley.