October 17, 2007

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Goins

Tanya and Jonathon were married at the beautiful Peachtree Road First Untited Methodist church in downtown Buckhead. When I moved here 3 years ago, I took a seminar from the guru of wedding photography, Denis Reggie and this was the church he used for a demonstration so I was very excited to finally shoot a wedding here. Having beautiful subjects added to the overall glamour and the fact that their wedding was being filmed for the cable TV show "Platinum Weddings" (see previous post ) just about put me over the edge. What a day!

Each of the bridesmaids wore an elegant brooch.

If I had to pick one word to summarize the event, it would be posh. A blend of "hip" and "elegant". Edge Design Group did a fantastic job at creating an atmosphere where Tiffany was the color and dazzeling crystals were the theme.

What's in the chamagne flute you ask? Why, it's an edible hibiscus flower in syrup and when chamagne is poured into the glass, it opens. I love it!Guests enjoyed a cocktal hour on the patio with a lounge type atmosphere. These beautiful pillows were created from their engagement photos by a hot new company called Erabella Designs. The ice bar behind the couch was beautifully lit in the Tiffany theme color.

Tanya is of Haitian and Irish descent, while Jonathan is from Kentucky so the mix of people was worldwide. In Haiti, it is a tradition for the bride to divide her boquet among the single women, this way they all get lucky.

And let's not forget the cake! Buckhead Baker, Gary Coltek designed a horse and carriage, minus the horse. The seat was the actual cake and it was also infused with crystals. Behind the cake was a selection of scenes, from fall leaves to foggy nights. It definatly wins the cake of the year award in my book.

CLICK HERE to view their gorgeous wedding.

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Justice Jones said...

What an absolutely beautiful wedding!! Congrats to the beautiful couple.