June 05, 2007

The need to understand.

I believe that as human beings with the capacity to reason, we have a need to understand why things happen. It makes us feel like we have some control and say on things. When our minds can't get ahold of something, it brings up questions that remind us just how small we really are. How we don't have all the answers and just how much we have absolutely no control of this gift called "life."

But there is One who does understand it all. He is faithful and compassionate. He is full of unconditional love. He is trustworthy. Despite what your circumstances are, there is always hope in Him.

On Monday morning, my sister-in-law went home to be with her Father. She never waivered. Up to the very last second, she lived in faith of the One who created her. That's rare. It's true Christianity. No hypocracy, no easy way out. 100% faith.

Doctors told her to abort this baby and seek cancer treatment. She said,
"Absolutely not. I will trust in the Lord, my God."

Daniel Justice was born on Feb. 7, 2007.


John 13:15 says: Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

The essence of Christianity is to be conformed to the likeness of Christ. Cloey was victorious in this. I can hear some of you saying "but she wasn't healed, she put her trust in God for nothing and now she's gone...she should have done chemo." Now this is where you go back to the top and read the beginning again. In light of that, understand this. Few people believe in something enough to lay down their life for it. Cloey believed in her unborn child. She believed in the unseen God. She believed that there is far more to this life than what meets the natural eye and in the end, it will all be worth it.

You are my hero, Cloey. You inspired so many with your life and your strength. No words can express the impact that you have had on me, I can only hope to honor your life by persuing God with a new level of undignified abandonment. Hope is found only in Him. You showed me what that looked like. I will never be the same. I love you and I miss you.


Six Simms Singing said...

Thanks for this, Shawna. She left a mark on my soul these last two years like nobody else ever has. To see her worshiping that night with us while lying there was the most amazing and difficult thing I have ever seen in my life. Cloey was a testimony to Jesus all the way up to the end. I thank God that he allowed her to mentor me these last two years.

She is such a blessing and such a reflection of Christ. Thank you, Lord for blessing us with Cloey!

I love you, Cloey! I'll see you later!


Anonymous said...


I am so thankful in knowing Paul and Cloey for the past 5 years.
She has blessed me more than I will ever know..
Her life has inspired me.

Paul and her sponsored Michael and I to go to Tres Dias, which changed my life forever.
I thank them for that.

Cloey, you will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for Everything.
I love you and miss you.
I'll see you on the other side of the gates on Heaven.

Love, Amber

Holritz Photography said...

Wow, Wow, Wow. Amazing. Thank you for sharing, and I'm sorry for your loss...

- Nathan

jodi said...

Shawna, I was just thinking about you this past weekend and Sunday night went to your webpage for the first time. I was inspired. Tina Ammes told me today about Cloey and my heart broke. My prayers are with you and your family. Rest in the Lord and find peace.

Jodi Hitt

Anonymous said...

I Love you CLOEY!! I will miss you so much. I know you are having a blast,now you can dance again!! You show 'em how it's done up there!! We love you, The Kables

Cheatwoods said...

wow, what a gift she gave to her son! Life! I love her even tho I havent met her! Im sorry for your loss, imaedgen tho, she has SEEN the face of God. Amazing! Bless you and your familky and my prayers go to you

Shawna Herring Photography said...

Thank you all for your words of sympathy and encouragement. This whole process is very sureal. The week has been a blur. Her funeral is Thursday and her husband asked me to speak. I am so behind in work, with 3 weddings to process and somehow, I can't seem to even start. I have wonderful brides so I'm sure they will understand but it is really like time is moving by super fast but it has also come to a stand still at the same time.

After the viewing tonight, my friend Julie came up to me and said. "I need more pictures of me and my friends." She's so right. Tell everyone you love that you love them and hug them tight. again and again. When it comes right down to it, it's all about love anyway. Nothing else really matters.

janet said...

Shawna I was so moved and thankful that I stumbled upon your blog. Thank you for sharing the story of an amazing woman that loves Jesus.

Elviebird said...


I'm so so sorry for your family's loss, but what a beautiful story. I am in awe of the strength of your sister-in-law and her devotion to her family.


Anonymous said...

First, I want to convey my sadness for the loss of your sister-in- law. Cloey was an amazing women. She gave her life away for her childs. Its what Christ called us all to do, to lay down our lives for others. Her legacy will live on, in and through her children, husband and all the lives she touched. Thank you for sharing your personal story. You and your family are in my prayers.
God Bless You

Six Simms Singing said...

Okay, I'm really...really...really missing her tonight. :(