May 30, 2007

Patrick Williams sent me this photo from a few weeks ago. I did a shoot for him and his very pregnant wife Angel. Murphy W. Williams was born last Saturday. Congratulations guys!! I thought this was a pretty cute shot. Normally, Zoe does not come on photo shoots with me but she did on this one, and when she didn't want to be on the floor any more, I just put her in the Bjorn and kept shooting. She looks pretty happy, don't you think?


Elviebird said...


(And I'm still in awe of our wedding slideshow :) )

~ Vicki

Cheatwoods said...

she is so cute! I cant waite till you come and visit!

Rachael said...

She looks like someone is doing a jiggy dance for her. She is so excited to be hanging with mom. ; p