May 29, 2007

An incredible wedding venue..

Vicki and Chris were married at Meadowlark Gardens in Griffen, GA. Acres and acres of cultivated gardens and beautiful landscaping have been created over the last 150 years from a few very dedicated gardeners. It was the very first wedding that has been hosted here and it felt like a discovery of a lost world. It's going to be a very sought after wedding venue. The word is out.

Vicki and Chris are both very artistic and they pay a lot of attention to details. I couldn't believe how much of the responsibility they each took on to set things up exactly the way they wanted. One of Vicki's bridesmaids, Crystal, did all the flower arrangements ( she worked until the last second!) Chris spent hours on the cake stand the week before, which was a perfect slice of tree and even the cake had a personal Chinese touch with those cool kind of buttons that I don't know what they are called.

They also did a fabulous tango dance that was exciting to watch. Despite Chris being a little nervous, he pulled of every move. Way to go, Chris! Then guests were entertained during dinner with a dragon dance. It was awesome.

Congratulations Vicki and Chris. HERE'S YOUR SLIDESHOW!


Don Brown said...


Just wanted to congratulate you on the extraordinary photography. Meadowlark Gardens is indeed a beautiful place. But it really shines with your marvelous talent.

Don Brown

Shawna Herring Photography said...

Thank you Don! I appreciate you stopping by and I think you should just buy a horse and get it over with.

bradley said...

beautiful shawna!! I love your new website and recent changes :) any weddings in the midwest this year???

Shawna Herring Photography said...

Thanks, Bradley. I've got one in Chicago in September. Does that count as midwest?

Daynah said...

These photos were beautiful!! You did such a great job on them. :)