May 23, 2007

I'm beginning to see second generation clients!

I love to photograph babies. It's a bonus when their mom and dad are past clients of mine. I shot Chad a Lauren's wedding last year and today I was able to hang out with their beautiful daughter Hannah. Babies are so fun because they don't care what they look like. They just do what babies do best. Be cute. You two did a good job.


Six Simms Singing said...

Well now...isn't Hannah yummy! :D

I guess her parents aren't so bad either! ;oP

Love yall!


Anonymous said...

Shawna they are precious!!!! Thank you so much. We had a blast. You are so blessed with the ability capture such unique and beautiful images with your photographs. We love ya!

JSM said...

Hey Shawna! Love the new look of the blog!! ;) Just got your comment on our blog and I'm very confused on how you can only see Dec. I've been blogging away almost once a week since then! Try again and you can get the scoop on the Massie clan!! Hope all is well! Can't believe how BIG Zoe is getting! She is beautiful! Little Hannah is too!
Try again here

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!