May 23, 2007

Congratulations Yeon Joo and Daniel

I absolutely LOVE IT when couples are willing to meet and take photos before the ceremony. Things are so less stressful for everyone involved and guests don't have to wait around for 45 minutes after the ceremony for the newlyweds to show back up. This was the case with Yeon and Daniel. They still had that special moment that they met for the first time..the difference is that they are able to embrace and walk around each other and talk. Then when it comes time to walk down the aisle, the anxiousness is gone and they are able to be more present in the moment and Have fun.

That's my take on it anyway.

I love the unique details that different cultures offer to weddings. The mother of the groom wore a traditional Korean dress for the first time in her life. I think she enjoyed it after learning how to get in it. The Bride's grandmother came all the way from Korea and she was so sweet.

The afternoon was very sweet, with great music that the couple put together themselves and great Korean food.


Anonymous said...

I love it! You can see their love for each other. Amazing!

And seriously, I love that song! You have to tell me what it is. So beautiful!

Love ya,

Shawna Herring Photography said...

The song is by Ray Lamontagne and it's called "Be here now". I always try to have the information at the bottom of the slideshow, you can hit that button on the bottom right and get all kinds of goodie buttons.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for capturing the spirit and the simplicity of a very happy day! Best wishes for your continuing career. Daniel and Yeon Joo chose well.
Mother of the Groom