March 19, 2007

My two girls

Zoe had her first "big girl bath" today. Up to this point it has been a little water in a little tub in a big bath. But today, we went BIG! My heart felt super big as I looked at these two girls that belong to me and thought of the enormous gift they are. Almost 10 years apart, they each have tremendous lessons that they bring along with joy that can hardly be contained.

I thought this was hillarious...yes, that's bubbles on her head and I can't repeat the secret that she told me. ha!


David Pascolla said...

Hey there Shawna, love these pics. B/W works well too. I like the last one the most. Congrats to your placing in the WPJA as well. You should feel "honored". I find your style both colorful and energetic.
Perhaps I'll see you Vegas next week.

All the best.

Cheatwoods said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH serioiusly that is one to frame!!