March 13, 2007

I placed 2 photos in the Winter Contest at!

This one placed 13th in the category of Reception. I love this photo becuase it is from my friend Stacy's wedding in London last December. The older girl is from Ireland, she was so sweet and she was very interested in little Zoe. As the evening wore on, the girls became sleepy and Zoe was placed in the arms of Erin and you would have thought that she had been given the most precious gift possible. ( I think she was!) It was such a beautiful moment in the midst of loud music and all the carrying on. They stayed that way for quite a while.

This photo took 17th place in the Engagement category. "JUDGES COMMENTS: It is not an unusual photo motive, but the photographer has taken this photo in an extraordinary way, new and noisy. I love this smooth light in this picture. This photo has very good dynamic, strong and graphic elements

I'm happy about it. There are many amazing photographers and photos that placed. I feel honored to have placed at all. Yipee!

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