March 06, 2007

My baby sister is married!

Ashley and Cade were married on March 2nd in Utah and I have to say that this is the coolest (literally!)location that I have ever been able to shoot a bride and groom. After their ceremony in the LDS temple ( no pics allowed ) we went down to Utah Lake State Park where the it was about 10 degrees with a wind chill factor of about -20! The lake froze so much more than when we discovered this hill of ice the week prior. It was absolutly beautiful with the blue sky and snow everywhere!

It was great to see lots of family that I haven't seen in years. Ashley had lots of really great ideas and creative friends to carry them out. She is super photogenic, i could have shot her all day, but I tried to control myself and let her enjoy her wedding. ha-ha.

The lake froze, then warmed and broke up. The wind pushed huge sheets of ice over 10 inches thick up onto the banks and formed mounds of broken ice. It felt as if we were on top of the world.
They did a great job "thinking warm thoughts". I'm sure they have thawed out by now as they are in Hawaii. Thanks for being such great sports and climbing up to the top of the ice!

Congratulations Ashley and Cade. I love you guys!

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JSM said...

They are too cute!! Your sister is beautiful!! It looks like it was a very fun wedding! Thanks for sharing!

Dottie said...

Beautiful, Awesome, and Reverent!
All the love was evident & captured with nature!