February 16, 2007

I have ventured into the land that I always said I would never go!

I should know by now, never make a vow about what I will or will not do. As soon as I do that, I am tested on it...sometimes I can hold out and remain true, other times I fall flat on my face and admit that I am not the one who is in control here. The land that I find myself in now is called....STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY! and you know what? I love it! I always said that studio stuff was not for me, I wanted to keep it real and on location. None of that cheezy posed suff. But now that I am into the ever growing baby and pregnacy world, I realized that I can't always take them on location. Sometimes it's actually cold!! So here is a sample of my first studio shoot. My beautiful friend agreed to be my first subject while I tried to figure out how to position lights and props and do the "p" word. POSE! Here are the results.

Thanks Julie, I can't wait to meet your sweet little girl!


Six Simms Singing said...

Vurrah nice...vurrah nice. They are tasteful! Even the ay chihuahua one at the end there. HA! Like I know how to spell that word.

You know, I could see you doing some great Zoe pictures there! :D

Cheatwoods said...

Thay are amazing!!

Jules said...

Thanks Shawna for working wonders in that studio!! I can't wait to meet my little one either. :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully creative!!