February 27, 2007

I'm home!

Utah is where I grew up. I moved away 19 years ago, and since then every time I come back, things seems so different. I am staying with my mom and it's a sort of nostalgic, back in time kind of feeling. My 9 year old, Madison, is staying in my old bedroom that has been totally remodeled except for the closet where I happened to write a few interesting "journal entires"). My mom refuses to paint over them and Madison finds it all really amusing. "YOU HAD A BOYFRIEND WHEN YOU WERE IN 3RD GRADE?" My cover is blown now and I have become a parent that says "Do as I say, not as I do". UGH.

We drive down to Provo boat harbor, and the most beautiful hills of ice have been formed from the lake ice breaking and being blown by the wind up on shore. It's out on the jetty and it seemed as if we had stumbled upon the top of a glacier. My younger sister Ashley is getting married on Friday and I have made her and Cade promise to come down here after the ceremony to do a mini shoot. I can see the new cover of my website just waiting to be found.

The view looking across the lake.
I miss the mountains so much. It creates such a different atmosphere. There is so much to do outdoors when you live near mountains. We're going skiing tomorrow. I can't wait. More snow coming today.


Anonymous said...

The pile of ice rocks against the blue cloudy sky is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to see the pictures of your sister and her soon to be husband on this ice sculpture.


Six Simms Singing said...

Gah! You're still out there?????


Yeah, you're making me miss it out there. Now I am really happy that V and I are going out there for a month. Of course, most of the snow will be gone, but the mountains are beautiful all year anyway.

Have fun!

Oh, I got mistaken for you lastnight! I still don't know how. Anyway, later!