August 12, 2006

My Dubai Couple in Tennessee

On Friday evening there was a party called "Nikkah" The bride and groom sat on this beautiful swing and family and friends came up and put a little ball of henna in a leaf that was placed in their hands. There were many traditions and ceremonies that were so unique to anything I have ever seen. Everything was beautifully decorated by Utopian Events.
Everyone looked so amazing. I feel in love with the clothes and the fabrics. MeWha and I stopped at the Global Mall in Atlanta on the way home to try on some styles, but for some reason they didn't look the same on a blond pregnant woman.

I thought that Sultan looked like royalty. It was so different and beautiful to see a wedding with rich deep color. He has such a funny sense of humor and the poor guy's phone would not stop ringing

Wajiha's dress had to weigh about 30 lbs. The embroidery work was amazing. She had to have about 4 people to help her walk. The longer the train, the bigger the blessing. At the end of the ceremony on Saturday night, the brides sisters stole the Groom's shoes right off his feet. The custom is that he then has to purchase them back with cash before he can leave with his new bride. The men stand behind him and help him barter and the women were very good at holding their ground. The average price is 5k but since the couple were moving to Dubai and the end of the month, I think the price was a little highter. The bargaining went on for almost 30 minutes.
I felt like I had been emersed in a totally different culture for 3 days. It was so fun. Did I mention the food? Incredible! I had no idea what I was eating most of the time but it was so good! To see more of the event, click here.


Holritz Photography said...

I would love to shoot your birth :)

These images are amazing!!


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Amazing pics...........
were is your belly???