June 14, 2008

MAR + ET'CHANE 06.08.08

They are such a fun couple. Mar is a classic beauty. She has such a sweet feminine look and Et'chane is stylish and confident and he makes her laugh. A lot. They are getting married in September and I can't wait. We met at Grant Park in the middle of a heat wave and then went on to their favorite restaraunt, Harlem Bar.

My favorites of Ashley's


birdonthelawn said...

this was so extremely fun. love the one at the bar his gentle hand on her chin-perfect!! wonderful light!

Six Simms Singing said...

In that 6th picture up from the bottom? I SEE you. :D

Anonymous said...

Et'Chane and Mar, congrats on what is soon to be!

The very first pic is a classic; The holding and kissing of the hands is timeless; and the pics of the blue shoes as the focal point and Mar sittin in your lap are soooo awesome!

-Jermaine was here 06/19/08