June 12, 2008

Devon and Ben's Engagements

As Devon's dad puts it.....she went off to college promising not to date, party or get into any mischeif. It wasn't long before her calls to dad became less frequent....as in...not every day. Being the good father that he was and recieving calls from the credit card company about unique charges, he came out and asked the obvious. "What's going on, darling?" That's when he heard all abuot Ben. One year later, with dad's beaming approval, Ben proposed.

I met with Devon and Ben only 2 days before their wedding at the Ritz-Carlton, Reynolds Plantationand where we shared record breaking temperatures and a few laughs.

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birdonthelawn said...

the croquette shot is by far and wide my fav composition. watching you on thrown on your side under that deathly hot sun and sky i KNEW that anything great that was going to come from that shot was going to rest squarely on your shoulders and would be, inevitably, your fault. you see, when everything is your fault-that means all the GREAT and BEAUTIFUL things of the day can be your fault too. BRAVO!