June 17, 2008

Courtney + Jeff {engagements}

They were set up by Courtney's Aunt. The whole thing was totally planned and it has taken off from the very beginning. The perfect pair. She loves to sing and he's a great musician. She's a gentle butterfly and he works for the police department. 10 years apart, they couldn't be more in love. They were down in Florida for Micah and Lindsey's wedding so we took advantage of the great scenery. They will marry in October and I can't wait.

Ashley took these by the fence and I love them.

Congratulations to an awesome couple. I can't wait for the big day.


Anonymous said...

mom and ashley
those are some awesome pics! i hope that we can go to florida again sometime.


Six Simms Singing said...

I love them!!!

And now, I officially have beach envy.

Shawna Herring Photography said...

Oh just wait, Lori. It gets even worse. lol

Six Simms Singing said...


Rub it in.

Oh, I got a phone call from Florida wondering where those wedding pics are.

Get with it, woman! ;D j/k

I love you! :D

Shawna Herring Photography said...

ha! I just have to laugh at that one. They are 5th in line actually. Ashley and i shot 3 weddings, 3 enagements, and 3 family shoots in 10 days. From North Atlanta to Lake Oconnee to Florida. I have about 20,000 images to edit. LOL!!!

Six Simms Singing said...


Well, I'm patiently yet anxiously awaiting them.

Ha! It's a paradox! :D

birdonthelawn said...

please read this in "the" accent:
i LOVE the one near the fence...i just popped in to look at them again and they took my breath away. again, your fault.

Shawna Herring Photography said...

I do declare, baby sister, that everthing that had to do with a fence was your fault. I'm not taking the blame for that one.

Jeffrey Grant said...

Thanks for being so amazing!!!