April 22, 2008

Welcome to the world Arden Grace Herring and Brady Parker Herring!

They're here!! Our family of Herrings has 2 new, long awaited, miracle additions to the family. Stacey and Jondavid have waited 20 years for this. Overnight they have gone from being a husband and wife to a family of 4. The twins were born at 34 weeks and 3 days by C-section. Stacey set a record for fastest dialation ever heard of. She had been admitted a few days earlier because of pre-eclampsia and had woke up at 7:05 to broken water and within 55 minutes she was dilated to 10. TEN!! good grief! You go sista!! Arden is my kind of girl, she decided that she was ready to make her debut and that was the end of story. Brady, however, was lounging pool side breech, so the Dr's made the decision to deliver both C-section. No time to waste. Stacey did amazing. I am so happy for you both! I can't wait to photograph those darlings!

Day 1. Jondavid's first time holding Arden. 4 lbs. 11 ounces. Head full of hair and an appetite that wins my heart.

Brady was born 5 lbs. 12 ounces. He looks amazingly like his cousin Samuel and is doing great. He doesn't have quite the appetite as his sister so the feeding tube helps him get all that he needs. The nurses are so sweet and Jondavid is wrapped around 2 little sets of fingers.

Lovely Stacey has been on bed rest for 5 weeks prior to birth so having a C-section is especially hard on her body. Recovery is slower than she would like and after 12 hours, she has still not held her little darlings. Pictures are worth a bazillion words at a time like this.
Lea had stayed the night in the hospital and was able to witness the arrival. She had been a tremendous encouragement and help in a very stressful time. You are truly a gift, girl.
Stacey had lots of visitors keeping her occupied in between med doses. :) The room was full of laughing women. This is Kristen. Her dream is to have like 100 babies. She loves babies. Everything about them. She is the hot ticket when you want a babysitter. She started goofing off with gloves pretending like she was about to deliever a few. Stacey had lots of entertainment, for sure.

I'll keep posting as I am able to go back up to the Hospital. I had to put a few up now. Stay tuned.....


Six Simms Singing said...

I think Arden looks a lot like Stacey. :) I thought that when I first saw these pics that Brady looked a lot like Samuel. :)

What fun! I didn't want to laugh too much when I had my c/section b/c it hurt! :) Go Stacey!

birdonthelawn said...

it is so amazing. the energy and light surrounding the anticipated birth of babies. and then when they come...ah.
love them. congratulations stacey and jondavid!