April 16, 2008

Surf's Up.

The famous Pancho's surf shop in Pismo is where we rented wetsuits for the 51 degree water.

Madison and Aaron and the board he shaped for her.

She surfed 5 days in a row and never complained once. She could live in the water very easily.
Zoe was content diggin for clams.

There happened to be a surf contest last weekend. This was an early morning shot so not too many folks just yet.
Steve already shredded and did a coupld airs so he won in my book. He just looks like he belongs in California, don't you think?

Aaron has been a surfer, shaper and photographer for 30+ years. We knew him in Hawaii 10 years ago and he taught Madison how to surf in California. He's a great friend. He lives a very humble life and is a wonderful example of living for today and not storing up riches for yourself on earth but in heaven.

Riding horses is another great thing you can do on the beach in Pismo. There are stables to rent from in Oceano and I think that is every girls dream...to run on the beach on the back of a horse. Maybe it's from my Black Stallion love affair days but it just exudes some kind of wild freedom.

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