April 16, 2008

Day and night on the beach

And it still didn't seem long enough. I don't know what it is about the ocean. Maybe it the enourmous reality that we are all connected to something so much bigger than ourselves. the ocean has always exsisted. The tide always comes in and goes out. No matter what my circumstances are, the big, gigantic, living thing continues to do the same thing. Faithfully. It makes me feel at home. Tremendously peaceful. Infinately small. Intentionally designed. Thank you beautiful ocean. Thank you wonderful Father.

Bonfires at night are the best. For $5 you can drive on for 24 hours or for $50 you can get a year pass. There are dunes that go on forever, and a totally different kind of culture and lifestyle. Where people drive their motor homes in the sand and tow trailors full of dune buggies and 4 wheelers. We had a few bon fire nights on the safer, "mellower" end and roasted hotdogs and smores. Friendly tip: never try to put out your fire with sand when you are ready to leave. It becomes a super hot furnace and can still be burning the next morning while someone walks on top of it. Instead, just leave it burning, there is a good chance that someone else will come along and feel like they have found a gift.


Six Simms Singing said...

Cute, cute, awesome and all! That picture of Stephen with Zoe is frame material. Seriously.


Rebekah said...

The beach you fell in love with is quite different from mine. I grew up in Florida and the major difference between the two beaches? The landscape, a.k.a Mountains. We went to the beach in San Diego and went wow, there's mountains by the beach!!!