April 22, 2008

Scottie + Andrew

I met with Scottie and Andrew at Stone Mountain to shoot their e-session and was shocked to hear that they are moving to Detroit right after the wedding! WOW!! They are a great couple and I know if anyone can adjust to a totally new life in a new location, they can. They'll be getting hitched in June and I'm realy looking forward to shooting their wedding.
Here are a few from Sunday.

We trecked on down the tracks and came upon an abandoned train car. We were almost totally busted as the tour train that runs around the park came blazing around the corner. We hit out inside like we were stow-aways. Good fun!

I had a great time with you both. Get packing and I'll see you in June!

1 comment:

birdonthelawn said...

great couple. great location.
just goes to show that your brilliant talent can shine in new ways on even the most quiet and unassuming train track.