April 19, 2008

Lindsay + William's Engagements

They are such an adorable couple. They've been dating for 8 years. High school sweethearts. I asked them who asked who out, and they told me the story of how Will finally got up the nerve to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, and he confessed to Lindsay's best friend. She had just hung up the phone with Lindsay and put her cell in her pocket. She accidently pushed the call button which rang Lindsay and Will's entire confession was recorded in a voice mail on Lindsay's phone. ha!

They're getting married next month and I can't wait. They have quite the cool venue, and they are so cute together. Will must have kissed her 1000 times during the shoot. I love that. Here are a few from the day. Thanks you two! I had a great time hanging out with you both.

I love this random finger in the ear shot.

This was where they had their first kiss. Of course we had to take a shot there, 8 years later.

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