April 28, 2008


I few people have told me that they try to post comments here but for some reason it doesn't work. I really love to get feedback and hear what you have to say so here is how you do it.

At the bottom of the post it will say "post a comment" or if there is already comment, it was say something like "2 comments". Click on that.

A new window will open with a box to type comments and underneath it there will be a word verification box. (It helps reduce spam and keeps obnoxious stuff from coming through.) Type in exactly what you see.

Choose an identity. If you have a blog or facebook account, you can use that. You can also choose to just put your name or "annonomous" by checking the appropriate circle.

Then click publish comment. It comes to me in my mailbox and and then I can publish it. ( I was getting like 10 stupid repeat comments so now I filter all comments. )

There you go. Now you better let me know you were here Mom, Leigh Ann, Tammy, and anyone else who gets to peek on on me but I never know it. I love you. Let me hear you.


Jody said...

Wow- that girl has some serious facial expressions!

Anonymous said...

Okay, okay -- so I'm anonymous, but it's really Tammy. I check in on you every day! Sometimes twice. I love you so much and I LOVE your photos. Eventually I'll sign-up with a name, but until then, KEEP IT UP!
LOVE Ya, Girl!

Nanette Storey said...

She's so beautiful! I love the colors!

Love ya!


Six Simms Singing said...

So, how exactly do I leave a comment here?


angel williams said...

hey shawna
just checkin your blog and i can't believe how big & beautiful little miss zoe is! seems like only a few moments ago you were at our studio for my pregnancy photo shoot with her riding in the baby bjorn! your family is lovely!
take care,
angel & patrick
pwp studio

Rebekah said...

I love that scrunch-nose face. So adorable!

birdonthelawn said...

i am seriously and literally laughing out loud. initial thought: she looks so much like shawna with that little top and flower behind her ear. follow up thought that occured to me as i scrolled down: that looks like johnny!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I peek often so I can feel close to the ones I love. I miss U very much.