March 24, 2008


At first I thought it was a young cardinal but the females are tan so I'm not sure. We have bird feeders around our property and we love to watch and listen to their song. This one however, wants to move in. For the past few days, you can find this little peep at one of the windows, singing away, clinging onto the screen or sometimes the window moulding. He/she seems desperate to get in. I think I'll name it Peep. Since it showed up at Easter with all those wonderful peeps, it'll work. It's gender friendly too.

It particularly likes the mop on the back deck. It's right next to the window.


birdonthelawn said...

that is the sweetest, cutest easter blessing EVER! i want one. tell her sister (i think it is a girl) to come to my house.

Rebekah said...

I LOVE the fourth one down...gorgeous lights and colors! We did our photoshoot at 7:45 AM the other day. Boy was it cold! But the lighting was worth it for the beautiful sunrise pictures! By the way, the link for your sister's blog doesn't work. =( Hope you're doing good!

<>< Rebekah