February 15, 2008


Check out the new website!
It goes along with the new Logo. YAY!

I would love to get your feedback on the new site. I will be updating and adding to the galleries at least twice a year.


Linze Floyd said...

I love the logo!

Cecilia DeAngelis said...

SHAWNA!! I have major goose bumps right now!! I have just explored the website and I think it's absolutely amazing!! (I found out about it because I got an email from a girl in my office and it said: Have you been to Shawna Herring’s website lately? She has re-done it and put an autobiography with pictures on it. VERY pretty photos of her. Once Blake gets her teeth back, I am going to have her take some pictures of us. I really love her work! Thanks for turning me on to her!) So the word has gotten out and the opinion seems to be widespread. . .YOU ARE FABULOUS! I am so happy for you, Shawna. Your hard work has certainly paid off.