February 16, 2008


Next week is winter break for GA schools so I brought the girls back to Utah for a week to hang out with the family. My niece is 36 weeks pregnant with her first baby girl and I have been feeling home sick so we woke up at 5:30 am this morning and jumped on a plane to Salt Lake City. It was a very exhausting flight, stopping in Pheonix, only becuase Zoe was a lap child and pretty much wanted to be entertained the entire flight. But we made it!

My mom and sister picked us up and helped get everything loaded into the rental car and we came straight to my sisters house in the Avenues. Jody is a short term foster care parent for babies so her house is baby loaded in every way.

Madison loves to email and wasted no time updating her friends on her arrival.

My mom singing to Zoe in the kitchen.

This is my nephew Ben. He is the coolest 19 year old, 70's-hipster-vegas-style guy I know. Too cool for words, a U of U student, works hard and doesn't have time for girls. ( smart Ben, girls are time consuming.) Oh, and Zuli the dog from Hawaii.
My sister gave Zoe a bath and she was the center of attention for about 15 minutes. She loved it.

In a house full of girls, Zoe got a new hairstyle and my sister Jody tried to get kisses for the "new do".
Everyone got totally engrosed in the movie "The Triplets of Belleville" A very interesting animated featuure that has been nominated for 2 Academy Awards. It has very few words and it only takes about 60 seconds of viewing to suck everyone in.
So I didn't pack a coat because both my mom and sister are my size and they have plenty. So my sister was really excited to show me what she thought would be the best selection for me. She even made me close my eyes for the big revealing. what do you think?

Seriously, her boyfriend came across this black widow Spyder coat that was left in Park City and gave it to her as a joke ( sort of ) but really wants her to wear it. We've all harrassed her enough that she is going to wear it to church tomorrow and get it over with.


Abigail said...

My best friend (Rachel) lives in Salt Lake and we went to visit her over Christmas break. She lives in the Avenues and it was such a lovely visit. I enjoyed looking at all your pictures - I love Utah.

Al your Pal said...

HEY i'm asheleys friend.. haha well were in photography together anyway in my boredom i came across this picture lol Just thought i'd tell you that i work at parks sportsman in orem and that coat is 500 lol nice find.