January 11, 2008


We both are getting tired of being in the house. I have been feeling a bit anxious lately...you know there are times when you really feel your "purpose" and there are other times when you hit a wall and wonder what it is that you are missing? I know I am very blessed, I have a great husband, a beautiful family, I have need of nothing but there still seems to be something missing. I love God and I look for ways to serve others but there is still this restlessness that is like a dull buzz in my stomach. I've not been blogging very much, hut a lull there too but today I am reminded that if you don't look for the beauty in every day life, then you probably won't see it. It's easy to take things for granted.
Zoe is delighted to be outside. She is happy to just go up and down a small step. She is learning every day and she loves for me to take her exploring.

If that is not the cuttest crack you have ever seen, I don't know what is!
She would pick up seeds and hand them to me like they were super special. She is a great teacher and a reminder of how awesome God's creation is.

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Six Simms Singing said...

Katie was displaying some cute crack tonight as well. Ha! :) She's adorable! Night!