January 11, 2008

Blooms in Winter
Last month I bought some bulbs in anticipation of the winter blahs that come when everything is brown and dead outside. Hyacinth are one of my favorite because they smell so darn fragrant.

I tried to be creative in my containers and planting material so that it was just the bulbs that I was buying. I used things that I had around the house and I'm really happy with how they turned out. These are puka shells that were gathered by myself and dear friends on the North Shore of Oahu. It has made the flowering process much more meaningful.

These are shells that my friend Sean Askins brought back from Australia about 5 years ago.
I wish I could somehow do a scratch and sniff so you could enjoy that part too.

My father in law brought us 2 poinsettas last month and they are brightening up the house.

These are paperwhites. Super small flowers but they also smell great. The stalks are really tall and I once heard that if you add alcohol in the water, it stunts their growth and they wont fall over but I've never tried it.

Time to pick off the Amyrillis. I think it looks cool even though it's dead.
Group shot.



you little poster! you little green thumb! i posted about you today!

Six Simms Singing said...

THAT'S IT! I'm coming over to YOUR house and getting your camera!!!!


They're beautiful, Shawna! I love those little flowers, too! The top one. And that's one of my favorite shades of pink, too! :D

And I was just thinking today that taking even just one picture a day will help me learn to appreciate the simple. I can't wait to look back on them all!