December 21, 2007

Mar and Et'Chane

They met at Home Depot, so that's where we decided to shoot. Not just any store, but the headquarters in Atlanta. It's huge. I hear they have beautiful grounds too but since it was freezing cold and raining, we didn't make it that far. We decided to get creative inside the store using various displays and locations. We had a security escort after Mar set off an alarm but they were all friends anyway so it just added to the fun. It was a mini session to get a save the date shot. Of course I got carried away because they were so fun. They are getting married next September and I am really looking forward to it. They are a Beautiful couple ( capitol B ) inside and out.

I love these! We thought of those ads where "Brains meets Beauty" but in their case, it could go either way.

Fun use of location. She is in the shower and he is on the toilet .
It was about 35 degrees outside, and windy. I think they did a great job at thinking warm thoughts.

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