December 21, 2007

Happy 41st Anniversary!

41 years of marriage. I'm proud to say that I know Ken and Barbera King. They are wonderful people and the world is a better place because of them. Ken is a Messianic Jewish Rabbi and he has led a bible study in his home on Tuesday nights for years and years. Barbera also leads a ladies bible study on Wed. morning and they have seem countless lives change because of Jesus. They are the real deal. There is no guessing with them and they are not the kind of people to put on a show. What you see is what you get. It's so refreshing.

They renewed their vows in their living room among family and friends, under the chuppah. Ken gave a brief lesson on the similarities between the Jewish Ceremony and Jesus returning for His Church, and when the time came for the bride to enter, he blew the shofar ( a traditional rams horn, blown in the old testament for various reasons, but all important). Barbera entered the living room in the same dress she wore 41 years ago. She looked beautiful.

The Bride circled the groom 3 times symbolizing her decision to enter the marriage

Barbara is holding a Ketuba, the traditional wedding contract that outlines the bridegrooms responsibility to and for her.

There are traditionally 7 blessings given to the Bride and Groom from various family and friends.

This is their original cake topper from 1966

My oldest daughter asked to shoot some photos so I said 'sure' and asked her to focus on people and ask them to pull some funny faces. I think I was the only one who played along.

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what a beautiful event. they look so in love and seasoned. great examples.