November 19, 2007


My new favorite is riding with the wedding party to the reception, if at all possible. It's a unique photo opp and last weekend was no exception. I think there were 12 of us on the bus riding from the church to the country club. I have to share this photo because it just makes me laugh. I saw it coming. The bus was bouncing and her glass was rocking and the champagne was about to spill over the edge onto his shoulder. I saw the whole thing in slow motion and I didn't say a word. I could have, but I just sat silent with my camera up to my eye waiting for it to happen. There was talking and laughter and then it spilled.
I felt truly photojournalistic.
He noticed right after the shot was taken and then it all fell apart. The clean up had begun, and I had the shot.

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julieharnage said...

so funny ...