November 26, 2007

Mr & Mrs. Chris Williams

Valerie and Chris were married during the most beautiful time of the year. The leaves were on fire with color and the grass had turned to gold. To add to the beauty, just bring Valerie on the scene. She is one of those people who has a joy on the inside that radiates and touches everyone around her. They both have amazing families too. The kind that makes me wish they were looking to adopt an adult. I met Valerie's dad earlier this year at a wedding and I am so glad he came up at the reception and asked me to hold the date for his daughter. I love connecting in that kind of way. It makes it so nice to show up for a wedding and already have relationships with the family. Everything was simply wonderful and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of it all. Thanks so much Valerie and Chris. Here is a bit of your story.

I love, love, love long veils.

Valerie and her girls. Her mom, Jane, was her matron of honor. I hope my daughters feel that way about me when they get married. My 10 year old has already asked me if I would be her photographer so there could be a conflict.
Chris is a huge baseball fan and a avid player as well.

Love that joy.
The Groom's parents right after the ceremony.

The catcher of the bouquet. They're getting younger and younger.

This little guy was entertaining the grown ups with a few magic tricks.




the fall colors are fab! your newfound commitment to blogging is making me so so HAPPY!

Jane said...

The most perfect fall day in Atlanta...the dress of her dreams...the flowers of my "baby girl" marrying the most incredible man...her brother, John, happier than I have ever seen him...the proudest daddy, confident she is well taken care of...all these good and perfect gifts are from the Father,

but to have you there in the midst to document every detail in your unique, beautiful and creative that was genious! Thank you for just being you, and welcome to the family!