September 13, 2007

Meet the Zook's

This is Missy & Philip. They have lived on their property for 18 years and soon may be leaving due to a retail park that's going in next door. So we thought it would be the perfect place for a shoot, while it's still here.

They have 4 dogs that wanted in on the action. This one is obviously the alpha dog. Or at least he wants to be.

I think that it's just fun to say their name. "Zook". Mrs. Zook taught at my daughter's school last year, she was our favorite and this year she is at another school and we miss her a LOT. She has a daughter the same age as mine and they were best friends last year. We miss you Ashlen
Zachary is a sophmore this year and he's a future rock star as well.

What I loved most about this shoot was that the kids were always moving. There was a lot of action going on at all times, so the photos really represent their lifestyle.

The youngest are always the most curious. Natalie only stopped moving, or should I say running, for short periods at a time.
I love the action in the back. Hannah is picking grass, Zach is playing guitar, Ashlen is doing some up-side-down excercise and Natalie is trying to immitate, all while Philip and Missy enjoy a moment of stillness.
Enjoy your slideshow!

God bless your family.

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Philip said...

These look great. You truly captured the personalities. Thanks for the hard work.