July 26, 2007

Abby and Tim

I had a great time shooting this wedding, and I was blessed to have Amanda Phillips shooting with me. Abby and Tim had some very uniqe details added to their wedding. It's the little things that make weddings differentiate from each other, along with the people themselves. I like posting about those things when I blog about weddings. What made it personal to them? How will I remember it?It seems that everyone has a camera these days at weddings. I like opportunity to photograph people taking photograhs. It doesn't bother me at all, I know that some people build their portfolios being guests at weddings. I say, more power to ya. You've gotta get in somehow.

I always try to find a unique way to photograph the rings. I will never, ever, ever take another picture with the rings on the invitation with the bouquet sitting behind them. ever.
This is Tommy the ring bearer, Abby's retired greyhound show dog. He did a marvelous job of walking a down the aisle by himself, in the middle of the ceremony.
"waiting, waiting, waiting..."
Tim and his crew.
I love this shot.
This is Anthony's Restaraunt in Atlanta. It is a fabulous place for a wedding. The staff is always wonderful and the ambiance is nostalgtic and trendy at the same time.
The catering is done by Anthony's, and they are known for their salmon displays. It's so good!
This is one of the unique events that I hope I never see again. Abby has had a prior knee injury and to take precaution, she even wore flat ballet slippers the entire day. Her brother was finally able to get a dance with her and right in the middle of it all, she moved the wrong way and out went her kneecap. Needless to say, the music stopped and thank God, one of the guests was a paramedic. He moved her knee cap back in place and put a brace on her leg. She was able to finish the evening and make a slow get-a-way at the end of the night. Her mom said she was doing pretty good a few days later, I hope you are feeling 100% better, Abby.
Congratulations Abby and Tim


Anonymous said...


Abby and I knew from the first time we saw your work that you were the photographer for us. We never interviewed anyone else. Our instincts about you were spot on. The slideshow took my breath away. Thank you, Shawna, for documenting our special day in such a perfect way. I can't wait to see more.

Penny Witthauer
Mother of the Bride

Jules said...

never ... ever ? ;)

Shawna Herring Photography said...

Ha ha. yes. for real, I mean it. absolutely. NEVER. ( unless a bride wants it, that is, and then I will try to hold back my gag reflex while I shoot it.)

Tara Jones said...

hi-i found your blog linked on emery jo's blog. i love finding new photog bloggers:)
these are awesome photos! i love what you did with the rings!!!