July 11, 2006

I had such a great time in Maui. ( how can you not? ) It was a very quick trip but it was so worth it. The Grand Wailea is so awesome. It's the kind of hotel that makes it really hard for you to go anywhere else. The wedding was beautiful, I'll have a slideshow up soon. Kelly and Anna were so relaxed and fun to be around. In fact, everyone was. The Eckfords, who are the parents of the groom, are some of the nicest people I know. They treated me to a spa session the day after the wedding, which was amazing. I thought I was just getting a massage but they give you about 45 minutes before that to hang out in the many different baths and saunas. I'm talkin mud bath, mineral bath, aromatherapy bath, seaweed detox baths and then you have a mango mineral body scrub and steam room and the coolest showers that were like car washes and 10 foot water falls. There is fruit and tea and beautiful balconys to relax on until they call you for your massage. It was waaayyy cool. Here are a few pics of the grounds. Stay tuned for more.

This is the chapel that Anna and Kelly were married in.


Cheatwoods said...

those are great shots!! I have a few moving Icons if you want one! You need to save it onto photobucket then past put it in your aviator. Jessicanoel@charter.net E-mail me and Ill help you or give you one of my icons if you want one!!

Anonymous said...

I love your shots from maui.