July 14, 2006

Boston, Massachusetts

Today I am in Boston with my daughter Madison. Our friends are giving their daughter a sweet 15 bday party. It's a huge event. It's called a "Quincienerra". I'm not sure on the spelling but it is a big deal. She has 14 attendants and my daughter is one of them. I'll be doing the photography and I'm excited as I've never been to such a party. I've never been to Boston, we are actually in Revere. We went to Revere Beach when we arrived, it's the oldest public beach in the country. They used to have roller coasters, boardwalk games, and even a 50 ft platform where a horse would climb to the top and jump into a bucket of water. Today, all that stuff is gone and they were having their 3rd annual sand sculpture contest. Winner gets $10,000.


Emery Jo said...

wow!!! who knew sand could do such fancy tricks???

your pictures are amazing shawna-- im so glad we can keep in touch here and CONGRATULATIONS on the coming addition!!!


Shawna Herring Photography said...

Hey Emery! Thanks my friend. I miss you guys!