June 02, 2006

On May 18th, I met with Lane and Ryan for their engagement shoot. We were going to meet at an outdoor location but it was pouring down rain so we went to Phipps Mall. The ladies at Parisian were really sweet and told us we could do whatever we wanted. I had fun pretending to be paparazzi following a famous couple on a shopping spree. They tried hiding in the "ladies lounge" and ducking into elevators. This couple is so cute, always laughing and joking around. We started having too much fun and security spotted us and told us we couldn't take pictures in the mall. For Real! We weren't being loud or anything but they were serious. A sales associate from a very high end jewelry store got a little nervous and the next thing we knew, this really nice security guard was escorting us to the mall exit. He was very appologetic sending us back out in the rain but by the time we finally left, it had stopped. Thanks for such a fun shoot! I can't wait until your wedding.

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