June 02, 2006

I've been trying to update for the past hour and it seems that 'ole blogger is having some problems posting photos. AARRGGHHH! After trying about 10 times and wasting over and hour, I searched in the "help" section and found that many people are having this problem too. Dang, I really have some cool stuff to show too. Oh Well. It's a test in patience, ay?

Well, for some news without a photo.....

I went to see the high risk pregnancy specalist yesterday, I'm over 35 and was diagnosed with diabetes at age 7 so they count me in that group that needs special attention. He is a super nice guy, not the snobish-talk-above-your-head kind, but really laid back. He adjusted my insulin type and did a very detailed ultra sound. He said everything looks great and I'll see him quite frequently over the next 5 months. My friend Julie gave me the "first baby outfit" today to celebrate finding out the gender. It is so small! It seemed a bit surreal looking at it...It's funny that I am 4 months along and still get surprised by big waves of reality. I'm really pregnant!
We need to start thinking of some GIRL names. :)


Amanda Phillips said...

CONGRATULATIONS SHAWNA! Now your daughter will have a sister. I have eight friends that are pregnant right now and due between mid-sept. thru mid-nov (you) and now I know all of them are girls except ONE!! So cool.

Cheatwoods said...

OH wow, another girl, how amazing! Congradulations. Old navy.com bby girls section!!Its what is making me want a little girl, they have lots of pinks and brown right now! I am so excitted for you!!