May 05, 2006

Yesterday I took my daughter and a friends 3 year old son to see some horses that just gave birth. Talk about amazing! It's so interesting to see how instinctive amimals are at raising their young. The mares were very protective but we brought carrots along with us to bribe them into letting us get a closer look. Did you know that when baby horses are born, they don't have any teeth? Just like humans.The painted horse is 2 days old and the palomino looking one is 10 days old. They both were happy to show their choppers. They act just like babies too, staying close to mom, fussing, playing, seeing what they can get away with. Horses usually give birth between 11 pm and 4 am so noone was around to see it actually happen but when Mike went out in the morning at 6 am, there she was and she had an audience too. All of the horses in the pasture were lined up looking over the fence. There must have been about 25 of them. It's nice to think she had a cheering section after all.


Anonymous said...

Love these shots. I have always liked the paints the best. How precious!

Maddison's Friend Morgan said...

The horses are so cute!!!!