August 04, 2008


On Friday I went to see John Michael Cooper talk about how he became such an amazing photographer (he humbly says that he is only different) and what inspires him. I went to the DWF Conference 3 years ago in Vegas and was feeling frustrated from hearing the same things spoke in different ways and then I saw John on his public speaking debut. He said something really different in a really different way. I was totally inspired. So when I learned a few weeks ago that he was traveling on a 32 day tour hitting 8 towns and one was Atlanta, I was on it like Blue Bonnet. It was soooooo worth it!

He's setting up to create a Mary Poppins image. I know it's hard to imagine but it totally rocked! You can check in here and see the final masterpiece in a few days. It should be up soon. It is a compilation of 8 frames using a flash for light and photoshop skills to put it all together. Thanks John and Dalisa! You guys are amazing.

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regina holder said...

Hi, Shawna,
It was great seeing you again! You always do such awesome work. Please let me know if I can help with the blog.