July 12, 2008

Look, Ma! I'm Driving!

Ok, I know it's way late, but it's too cute to pass up. This was from the 4th of July at my friend Brandi's house. But really, it's for my sister Jody, who watches my blog every day and night. Sorry I''ve been so slack, but here's a lil somthin somthin..


birdonthelawn said...

yeah so what about your sister ashley who was JUST ABOUT to text you and tell that your blogging supply is not meeting your reader's demand!!!
what is this car!?

Jody said...

Thanks Shawna! It looks like your sisters are your biggest fans!
Love you!

Six Simms Singing said...

Sweet pics of Zoe! How's your eye? OUCH!

leighannmiller said...

And..... Your friend Leigh Ann who keeps waiting for something new. Vacation is over now get back to work!!!