July 26, 2008

Hope and Joy

I love being a mom. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do, next to being married. I mean that in a good way. Being married is about what you can give, not what you can get. I admit that I am selfish by nature so that is very, very hard at times. It means dying to myself in order to put someone else first. It requires a major effort on my part because it's so much easier to make myself #1.
Being a mom is huge. I have these 2 little lives that I am responsible for. Not just making sure they are safe and warm and cared for, but I am responsible for shaping their character and that's a big deal. It's done by example more than words. Words are easy to come by but living up to what I say is a lot harder. They watch me all the time, especially the older one. I see her taking mental notes and forming opinions about life and relationships and situations based on what she sees me DO. Essentially, I'm raising up little diciples to do what I do. The goal is to raise them up to be BETTER than me. I want them to achieve more, love more, serve more, be better sister's, daughters, wives, and friends than I ever have been. That would make me feel really good as a mom.
Today I took Madison to the Southeast Homeschooling Expo and began my (our) new adventure in homeschooling. Yes. You heard correct. I'm going to give it a try. 6th grade here we come. I'm ready, I'm excited and I think it is going to strengthen our relationship as mother and daughter....and I'm all for that.

Madison and her cousin Emily made an apple pie yesterday. She loves to bake and she did a fabulous job on this one. That's joy on her face, in case you can't tell. I love you, Madison. You are a star.


Claire Marie said...

Shawna! I am also starting on the homeschooling adventure with Rennen who is also starting the 6th grade. It just isn't right to send these girls of innocence to the places they call middle schools for the 6th grade. Hurray for you and Madison and me and Rennen for making wise choices that will affect their lives forever. What seems like a daunting task, to homeschool, will be the ultimate experience for us as mothers. Love you guys!

Rebekah said...

Shawna, you're going to love homeschooling...and 6th grade is practically the easiest place to start. She can do it somewhat on her own, and really get into the fun stuff. Homeschooling is what really helped my artistic side come out, because it is so personal, you can do exactly what you want. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as my mom and I did! You'll be terrific at it :)

birdonthelawn said...

they are the two most amazing gals in the world. you are doing a wonderful job as a mother to both of them-you are a great example.

Six Simms Singing said...

You'll do great! Madi is a wonderful child to enjoy this experience with and there are plenty of people around to help you out. :)

7 Crowns Laid Down said...

Hey Mrs. Shawna!
First... Thanks for the comment on my blog! Second, I want my blog to be half as cool as yours!!! You take the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. FOR REAL. NO LIE! lol

and Third Your Girls are sooo pretty!!!

I love being homeschooled and I know you girls will too.

All My Love Chelsea*

Rebekah said...

Thank you again for your help over the phone today Shawna. And thanks even more for taking the time to talk about life and see how I was doing. You made me cry! :) (Oh, and my photography moved, let me know what you think - www.pebblesofjoy.blogspot.com) Love you sister in Christ!