June 30, 2008

Gaudry Family

David + Jenice. It always starts with 2. Then there were 5. Jenice is about the nicest person you'll ever meet, always willing to help and do whatever she can, she's a mom after my own heart. Her oldest, Micah, proves it as he achieved a 4.0, perfect attendance and "most outstanding student in 6th grade". At Strong Rock Academy none the less so it wasn't easy.
Matthew is a star in his own right, not afraid of anything and willing to take any challenge. Little Savannah is last but definatly not least. She keeps them all jumping and guessing and there's never a dull moment when she's around. Oh, and David works for my father in law so it kinda makes us family. Sort-of. :)

The chase is on!

I love this one, all the kids are going their own way.

Still chasing.

Thanks so much, Gaudry's. I had a blast.


Anonymous said...

Great work as usual Shawna!!! We love the pictures,the slideshow, everything. Thanks for all your hard work---you're a genius. We love you The Gaudrys

Six Simms Singing said...

Awww, I love these! They're all good, but I love the ones of David and Jenice together. Oh my gosh, so precious!

Angie Ugan said...

Okay, that brought tears to my eyes. The Gaudry's are beautiful. I remembered when D and J would come over to our house before they were married and were beautiful then! God has kept them in perfect love and amazing grace. Gaudry's, we love you! The Ugans
And Shawna, just another outstanding photo shoot- that's all you know- outstanding!
Love ya!

Alyssa Christine Evenson aka Ali. said...

Not only do i love this shoot but now i just love you! ha ha thanks for all the advice today! Check out my blog thanks so much!! http://alievenson.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Shawna, these pictures make a proud mother's heart clinch and brought tears to my eyes too! Those wonderful grandkids of mine would make any photographer look good though and the parents are not too shabby either. Love you and your work and the blessing that you are to all with whom you come in contact. Thanks for all you do.

Chanda/Landon said...

whoa i love that last one. you are amazing shawna.

Anonymous said...

Shawna, as always you did an amazing job! The Gaudrys are a beautiful family, and it was really shown through your pictures! Love your work! Thanks for sharing, The Thorpe's