June 08, 2008

aRDen & BrAdy @ HoME

Ashley and i went over to Stacey and JD's house this morning to watch the twins while they went to church. We arrived to find that they had a LONG night last night and weren't going to make it but instead wanted to get some sleep. We thought we would take advantage of the time alone with them and take tons of photos in their own environment. LOL. It was about all we could do to keep them both happy at the same time. We just kept looking at each other and shaking out heads, saying...How do they do it??

Ashley is 4 months pregnant herself and Stacey was full of great tips and advice about everything from what to get and what to do/not do. Here are few of Ashley's.


Six Simms Singing said...

So precious! I can't wait to get to meet these sweet ones!

Miss you!

I actually stopped by because I referred my 17 year old niece to your blog. She's got some natural talent behind a camera and has such an electric personality. :) Anyway, just letting you know.

Oh, I met a lady name Alison...I believe...Bradley and Alison? They have a daughter named Emma Kate? We ran into them at Petsmart. I actually recognized her from your pics and asked their name. Ha!

Well, have a great night! :)

jenica said...

took my breath away. these are exquisite!