May 03, 2008

Daddy Daughter Day.

My husband is such a good father. I don't brag on him near enough. Today started out with Madison's soccer game, which Steve is very involved in. He takes her to practice twice a week, encourages her, practices with her and paces up and down the sidelines during the game yelling out (encouraging) direction. :)
It was a cloudy day which made it perfect for outdoor work. ( we tackled the garage! what relief!) Although he tends to get sidetracked, I can't complain too much when it's to spend time with his girls. Nothing makes a momma's heart melt more than to see them being lavished with daddy love.
Madison began to blow bubbles and everyone took advantage of the fun.

After a long day's work, we decided to do something fun. Steve is a kid at heart and he has recently learned to ride a ripstick. He's fun like that. So we loaded up the car to go and find smooth concrete and open space. It was a date that Madison was very excited about. We ended up at Pump it up parking lot, it was perfect. or so we thought.

It wasn't until they got busted by an attendant and we were trying to figure out what to do that someone said " it's not like there is a sign or anything" to which there seemed to be a magnetic pull of the eye balls towards the building opposite where this sign totally ruined our argument.

Since it was a huge lot with many businesses, we just stayed off of theirs. :)

Zoe sticks her tongue out to the left ALL THE TIME when she is concentrating or doing something and I thought "why does she do that?" Then I noticed that Steve does the very same thing when he is concentrating.

She is her daddy's girl. She even got a few rides.

This is taken while he whizzes by on the ripstick. what talent!
We came home and roasted a few marshmallows down at the pit. YUM.
I love you honey. Thank you for eveything you do. You rock.


ron storer said...

what a jam packed day! and that ripstick thing looks CRAZY!

Six Simms Singing said...

That was precious, Shawna. And Steve is an awesome guy! You are blessed!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

you are such an awesome photographer!!I think that we should go there more often. But i think we should stay off the Punp it up property. Daddy, you are such an awesome dad!!!